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Answer These Questions based on the text below!
Long ago, there lived a poor woodsman and his wife. One day the wife sighed and said, "If only we could have a son, even he was only as tall as a thumb." The time went by, and in the end thee women gave birth to a little boy who was exactly as tall as a thumb, so they called Tom Thumb.
As the years went by, the boy remained small but he became a kind and intelligent boy. One day, it was necessary to take the cart and go and fetch his father, but his mother was unable to go. "I'll go," said Tom Thumb.
It seemed impossible that someone so small could hold the reins, but then he climbed into the horse's ear, so that he could speak and tell it where to go. When this happened, all the passers-by thought that the horse must be very intelligent, to be able to go places by itself.
A circus master who also noticed it wanted to buy it, only then he learned that he wanted to buy the tiny boy instead. However, Tom's father would not have sold him for all the gold in the world. Then, Tom Thumb convinced him by saying,' "You need the
money,, don't you, Dad? Sell me to the circus and leave everything up to me."
In fact, as soon as he got a chance, Tom Thumb ran away from the circus and . since he was so small, he was able to avoid being recaptured and make his way back home.

I: What is the text about?
2 The last paragraph mainly discusses
3: "....he became a kind and intelligent boy." (Paragraph 2)
The opposite of the underlined word is
4. According to you, the suitable title of the text is
5. The purpose of the text is.........

Pets have accompanied mankind since the dawn of history. The domestication of animals began in the Neolithic Revolution 10-12 thousand years ago. People love this companionship due to some reasons.
One major advantage of having pets is that they can become one of peoples nearest and dearest companions. For instance, if someone lives alone, he will find a pet, very enjoyable.
Furthermore, the presence of an animal in the home may provide a greater feeling of security. In addition to this, pets often play a major role in disabled people's lives.
In conclusion, it is pleasurable of keeping pets at home. And we want to keep
pets at home, we should pay attention to the following. We should prepare budget for the pet's food, equipment (cages, collars, aquarium, etc) and veterinary care. Apart from this, if we decide to buy a pet, we should take into consideration our pet's needs before going anywhere.

1. What is the major advantage of having pets?
2. What is the main idea of paragraph 4?
3. The writer suggests that a pet owner should ....before going anywhere.
4. "...they can become one of people's..." (par.2) The word `they' refers to...

5. "Pets have accompanied mankind since the dawn of history." What is the opposite meaning of the word `dawn'?
. Warning!
Pointed and sharp items are not permitted in your hand baggage or carried on your person. These items should be placed in the check-in baggage.
11. What is the text about?
12. Where can you probably -find such a warning?

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one...
But, life must go on and sometimes we have to live for others.
Just wanted you to know that I'm here for support, in whatever way I can! Bintang
1. What is the purpose of the card?
2. "Just want to know you that I'm here for support,...!".
3. "Nothing can replace the loved one..."
The word `replaced' has the same meaning with...

Good afternoon, friends. We will graduate from this school next year. So, this time allow me to ask you something. We'd better not scrawl our used school unifors when we have graduated. You know why? We can donate them to those who need them. We can also donate our used books. There are many youngsters who need our help. Let's do our best to help them. Thank you for listening.

1. What is the purpose of the text?.
2. "We can donate them..."
What does the word `them' refer to?

The Lower Mainland's Incredible SHOW CHORUS The Maple Leaf Singers 2012, The Night of Nights
Saturday, May 26, 7 p.m
Sunday, May.27, 3 p.m
Massey Theater 735 Eight Avenue, New Westminster
General Admission $20
Seniors / Students $18
Special Group and Advance Club pricing (until April 30 only) from
605.584.5928 or 605.520.3337
1. What is the brochure about?
2. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?
3. When will the event on Saturday start?

21. Woman :Let's play volleyball again.
Man : Don't you feel tired?
Woman : I do. But the game is enjoyable. Moreover, it is done on the beach like this.
If it is done in a volleyball court, it will be different.
What does the woman feel of playing volleyball?
22. Boy : It is already 2 p.m. Let's take a break.
Girl : O.K
Boy : What do you think about this air soft game?
Girl : ...
23. Man : Hey, you're crying! What happened?
Woman: 1 just broke up with my boyfriend.
Man : ...
24. Boy : You took my mobile and broke it, didn't you?
Girl : N, I didn't.
Boy :Yes, you did!
Girl : No, I didn't. How dare you say that to me! Give me the proof!
From the last sentence, we know that the girl feels...
25. Woman : My best friend has betrayed me many times. I don't think I can tolerate her
mistake this time.
Man : ...
26. Boy : Why are you crying? Has anybody hurt you? Tell me.
Girl : ...

1. Pita : We will go to the computer exhibition this afternoon, eight?
Maya: Yeah. We will go there... it doesn't rain.
2. Topan : Please be in a hurry!..., we will be late to school.
Indra : Yes.
3. Mrs. Teddy : Shanty, I have something for you.
Shanty : Thanks. Wow, it's a beautiful T-shirt! But I think it's too small for me. Mrs.
Teddy : Really? I will give it to your sister…….. it suits you.
4. Ayrin : Mom, I want to continue my study to Australia. Mrs. Welts : Please... .
There are many things to consider.
5. Please... anytime you need help.
6. Tuty didn't see Edgar in the meeting. He... yhe meeting room when she arrived.
7. Tony succeeded in the interview test because he ... himself well.
8. The students ... the story before they showed it to their teacher

35. Joan : Andy left for Jakarta yesterday.
Tino : Really? What about his paper? We cannot submit ours without his part.
Joan :Don't worry. He... it to me before he left.

36. Joan : Why does your brother look so sad?
Aisha : He looks sad... he lost his pet.
37. Leo : How long have you made friend with Sandra?
Tania : We have made friends... we were at the elementary school.

1. Rosa : Ferry, you look tired. Will you join the boyscout club? Ferry : Yup! I will join it... I am a bit tired
2. …. ... you do, I don't care.
3. I'll follow you …... you go.


Tiara : Vika, you look daydreaming. What's the matter?
Vika : Well, I'm confused. My parents will move to Medan and they ask me to to join.
Meanwhile, I prefer living here. I really love Yogyakarta. Tiara : Move to Medan?
Vika : Yeah. My father is promoted as a branch manager in Medan. Tiara : If you don't join them, how will you stay here?
Vika : i will live with my grandpa. You know, he lives in his town too. Tiara : Have you talked with your parents about it?
Vika : Yes, I have. However, they insist me to go with them. They don't want to live apart from me.
Tiara : I think you had better join them. It shows that they care for you. Vika : I know. But ... I will lose many good friends here.
Tiara : Don't worry. I believe that you will also have good friends there.

1. Why is Vika confused?
2. Where does Vika prefer living in?
3. Vika's parents insist Vika to go with them because ...
4 What does Tiara suggest about Vika's problem?
5. What makes Vika worry if she move to Medan?

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